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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1st September

Well today is the 1st September. Which means two things. One: it's new Ronan Keating Calendar day (YAY!), and Two: It's the start of Shimelle's new class. I'm incredibly excited, and have been trying my best to learn something today, but haven't yet. I've been practising the last few days to get into the swing of things. For instance, a few days ago, I learnt how to 'pour' the most perfect ice-cream on my ice-cream cone! Now if only that was today - I have the most perfect ice-cream embellishments that I could have used!My lesson over this weekend, would be that a few praising words can give you the most amazing boost of happiness. Thank you for everyone who commented on my first post, and left such lovely comments. Also, a special thanks to my first follower! It has indeed spurred me on to blog more!

I thought I'd use this post to introduce myself a bit more. The lovely Liberty asked about my PhD. I'm just about to start my third year and I am studying cyberpsychology - so psychology in the online world. I hope that doesn't freak anyone out! :) My research topic is looking at personalities online. I'm researching how offline personality translates into online social environments. But don't worry - the online crafting environment is most definitely for my personal time and a way for me to get away from work! :D

I have been crafting for about 6 years. I mainly scrapbook and card make; although I have dabbled in cross stitch, and plan on learning how to sew and jewellery make as soon as I can. I am very lucky to have my own crafting room, and am the joke among my friends for having so much stash that could never possibly get used! I'm really into mini books at the moment so I'm finding it great to use up my mini bits and pieces.

As for my personal interests, I'm sure I'll update my profile eventually! I love Ronan Keating and Boyzone, and could listen to their music all day and everyday. My hubby's very forgiving, as not only as he given me a craft room; he's let me decorate it with Boyzone posters like some young teenager! :D Hubby and I got married in February - hence I still love and marvel at being able to use the word hubby. He is the best hubby in the world though - he even has his own scrapbook (albeit it only has two pages but he's working on it) and his own little stash pile! Yes, he also likes buying pretty papers just to look at! Told you he was the best! :P

I think that's probably all for now. I really should get on with my work. Who would have thought blogging was going to be yet another distraction! Hehe. I'll hopefully start learning soon, and will update with my progress.

Oh, and one more thing. I won some blog candy - a mini book from Tracie H! Thank you!

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