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Thursday, 2 September 2010


I'm just updating with my first pages of Shimelle's LSNED class. I decided to do a title page to start the album, which can be seen here:

My first lesson learnt was: Never Give Up. The Title Page was a nightmare to make! First I made a mistake in the journalling (hidden by the green card behind the word learn). Then I ripped the cardstock, by *cough* getting annoyed and throwing it across the room *cough*, (but hid it with the tab at the top), then I got a splodge of ink on the paper (hidden by the pink chipboard ribbon at the bottom), and finally I smudged the journalling (which I couldn't hide - but, never mind!). But even after all those disasters on such a tiny page, it worked out OK. Hence, NEVER GIVE UP (although my first thought was if you're having a bad day - don't even try! :D)

Anyway, here is my first lesson page. I'm using Shimelle's random inspiration technique, and drew "Use a bird...". I was very happy with that, as I'd had the bird for a while, but wasn't sure how to use it.

Can't wait to see everyone elses.


  1. rofl!! I've done the 'throw things across the room in frustration' too.... ;-)

    Love your title page and your first lesson page; the birdie is gorgeous xx

  2. This looks great! I just love that we can cover up our mistakes on a scrappy page and no one will ever know!

  3. I think both pages look fabulous!!! It was wonderful to read about your...well... temperamental scrapping! *LOL*
    and thank you so so much for visiting my blog!!

  4. I love this page, my challenge for today is to include wings and I think I have a cute bird stamp somewhere I can use. I love your blog colours BTW.