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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Weekend Fun

I am having a lovely weekend so far. Managed to get lots of crafting in last night and got up early to do some more. Managed two more LOs for my wedding preparations album (only 2 pages to go), but I'll put them up another time. I am especially excited as today we received our copyright free wedding photos dvd - which means I can make a start on the wedding albums (I've got one for us, and two for the parents to fill!).

I did this layout of the Safari Park last night. I had loads of piccies, but it's a bit difficult to get to the photo printer at the moment, so just used my pogo to print a few. I love how the title's turned out. The red glitter letters are K&Co so about 5 quid a bag. The brown letters were from Poundland! You can hardly tell the difference!

Now for my lessons learned.

Lesson Two: Interior designing is much harder than crafting
We have just finished a big extension to our kitchen, and are now at the stage where we need to decorate. This is a lot easier said than done. I just can not find the right colour/paper mix. First we were just going to paint it - but as every crafter knows, even with your best intentions you can't help but fall for patterned paper! I think we've finally decided - but it's took us 7 paint testers and 2 wallpaper samples. My inspiration challenge for this was to use foam pads.

Lesson Three: Always check for labels
I have bought the most gorgeous rain mac from Boohoo. It's called Kylie, and has a lovely flair to the bottom. I was chuffed to wear it for the first time the other day. Feeling smug, I strutted down the street. However, it wasn't until I was sitting on the bus, and felt a weird lump, did I realise I'd left the labels and spare button bag on it! I had to discretely remove it on a packed bus, which wasn't the most fun of things. I hope no-one saw! My challenge was to use a randomly picked piece of paper - which is the white and pink bubbles paper behind the writing. Trust me to pick a paper to completely clash with my background (albeit I could have had a second random dip but that would break the rules! :P).

Apologies for the poor photos - I couldn't get the right lighting today.

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  1. Your pages are coming out great and I love the lessons! Now when I'm checking for tags on my new clothes I'll smile thinking about you trying to remove them on the bus!